I’m celebrating the second day! A couple of fabulous brooches decorate not only my shirts but a world around 🙂 Thank you, guys


My brooch from TtrueWoodStory always with me


You won’t believe that I’ve found this brooches on Instagram. This is real luck! This is absolutely unique. Each brooch is hand made, cut from wood and painted! I would love if somebody falls in love with them like me 😍


My new brooch is absolute wow 💙 can’t imagine how it's possible to paint so cool and realistic. Thanks this team


Almost 2 weeks I've been traveling with brooches to Italy. Two of them as gifts stay in Rome and this little plane will fly to Paris on a flight attendant pocket


My travel to Italy is not over yet. Make some effort and you can see a little van-broosh which has been traveling with me all the way. I’m very glad 😉